Why Us?

Renaissance 2.0 Media is a developer of engaging and enriching games on all screens for all users.


Our management team, developers, artists and content experts have extensive experience in mobile and online game development on a variety of platforms.


We have partnered with Oxford University Press, HarperCollins, Pearson, Scholastic and Chronicle Books, along with strategic partnerships with Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Google Play and Mozilla.

Large User-Base

With over 10 million online and mobile users worldwide, we have a large and growing user-base of all ages.

‘App Factory’ Approach

By combining game engines with existing content, we create the highest quality games in a fraction of the time and cost of the ‘studio’ model.


We have mobile games on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, Nook, Windows, Samsung and Firefox app stores, as well as online games for EA, Big Fish Games and Spil Games


We have strong strategic partnerships with leading publishers, game developers and app stores.

Leverage Your Content

We have extensive expertise in turning existing content (art assets, texts and audio) into mobile and online games.

Low Development Cost

Our ‘app factory’ approach to game development has substantially lower development times and costs as opposed to the ‘studio’ model.

Proven Game Engines

We have a suite of proven game engines that are perfect for adapting existing content into games.

Revenue and Exposure

Create new revenue streams and increase brand exposure through our custom designed games.


We partner with developers to create new games by leveraging their existing games engines.


We have content licensing deals through partnerships with leading publishers, media companies and other content owners.


Our relationships with content distributors (app stores and online gaming companies) expands the reach and discoverability of your games.


Our ‘app factory’ approach to game development means less time is required on the developers part to create new games.


Grow your network of games and monetize them through new revenue streams.


Gamifying Books

Our ‘app factory’ approach leverages existing game engines on the one hand and existing content on the other to create games in a fraction of the time and cost of the ‘studio’ model.


Parents & Kids

We have a network of mobile and online games that appeal to both parents and kids.

Enriching Games

We believe in empowering parents by providing them with a library of curated, age appropriate educational content and games for their kids.

Parent Console

The parent console allows a parent to manage and measure their child’s usage and learning progress in line with Common Core standards.

Love of Reading

Our goal is to instill the life-long love of reading by exposing kids to great works of classic and contemporary literature through games.

Online Safety

We place high importance on online safety and provide kids with a safe and wholesome COPPA compliant learning environment.


Teachers around the world having been using our online and mobile games to provide students with an interactive learning environment.

Interactive Learning

Supplement your curriculum with our interactive mobile and online educational games based on great works of classic and contemporary literature.

Teacher Console

The teacher console allows teachers to manage their students and set up a rewards system through our SecretBuilders online game world.


Our educational games are specifically designed to enhance a child’s creativity and learning experiences within the classroom.

Student Privacy

We ensure student privacy as no personal information is collected by us or shared with third parties.


Creating engaging and enriching games for kids and adults of all ages

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Our Team

Umair Khan

Umair is the Founder and Chairman of Renaissance 2.0 Media, Inc. Umair is also Venture Partner with The Entrepreneurs' Fund, an early stage Silicon Valley based venture fund. Previously, Umair co-founded Clickmarks Inc., Verisium and Folio3.

Fawad Qadri
VP of Product Development

Fawad is VP of Product Development at Renaissance 2.0 Media, Inc. He has experience in computer systems and has designed web software for Renaissance 2.0 Media, Inc.

Bob Brattesani
VP of Creative Design

Bob is VP of Creative Design at Renaissance 2.0 Media, Inc. He has experience working in toy design including Star Wars toys at Galoob as well at Wild Planet, Avantgo, Razorback and Leapfrog.

Dr. Charles Browne
Senior Education Advisor

Charles is CEO of Charlie Browne Company and Professor of Applied Linguistics at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo. He is a well-known expert in online language learning who has created two of the most important word lists for second language learners of English.

Georgi Marinoff
Chief Architect

Georgi is Chief Architect at Renaissance 2.0 Media, Inc. Being a math genius with a love of game development, Georgi excels at software application framework design and development.

Board of Directors

Jeff Webber
Board Member

Jeff is Managing Director of The Entrepreneurs’ Fund III. He has extensive experience in consulting and advising start up ventures, and currently serves as a member of the board of directors at numerous companies.

Greg Titus
Board Member

Greg is the chairman of CourseAdvisor, which he co- founded in December 2004, and its acquisition by Washington Post in 2007. Greg was formerly President/CEO of Acadient, a leading developer of online education.

Carlos Cashman
Board Member

Carlos is founder and CEO of ConstellationCK, a startup which provides alternative revenue engines for leading web sites across the Internet. Carlos has worked with numerous successful start-ups as an executive, founder, investor and advisor.

John Welch
Board Member

John is veteran leader of the online games industry and one of the early pioneers of digital distribution of entertainment. He is President of Making Fun, Inc., a division of News Corporation Digital Media Group.

Charles Huang
Board Member

Charles has been entertaining kids and adults now for over 15 years. As a co-founder of RedOctane, he co-created the Guitar Hero video game franchise, which went on to become the fastest video game to reach $1B in sales and has exceeded $5B of total revenue to date.

Robert Martyn
Board Member

Rob is a game industry veteran who has held executive positions at EA, AOL Games, and Zynga. He was the executive producer for The SIMS and SimCity, and part of the team for NBA basketball, NHL hockey, PGA Tour Golf, College Football and Basketball, and MotoRacer. He is currently Studio COO at Zynga.

Umair Khan
Chairman and CEO

Umair is the Founder and Chairman of Renaissance 2.0 Media, Inc. Umair is also Venture Partner with The Entrepreneurs' Fund, an early stage Silicon Valley based venture fund. Previously, Umair co-founded Clickmarks Inc., Verisium and Folio3.


2000 Schools and Counting! SecretBuilders Promotes Responsible Digital Citizenship Among Millions of School Kids

April 14, 2015 – SecretBuilders celebrates 2000th school milestone with special offers for educators SecretBuilders, makers of enriching and engaging mobile and online educational games for children, marked a major milestone in its history when it crossed 2000 schools who use it to promote responsible digital citizenship and Internet safety.

Read the entire press release here.

Gamifying your way to Fluency: Read and Be

July 9, 2015 – Dr. Charles Browne, professor and recognized expert in vocabulary acquisition extensive reading, especially as they apply to online learning environments, writes about how SecretBuilders Gamebooks interactive eBook app uses “gamification” to improve English language learning by providing learner motivation and engagement through leveling up and compelling storylines.

Read the entire press release here.

She’s Pink, She’s Sassy and She’s Got Messy Whiskers: It’s Babymouse and She’s Now an App

Everyone’s favorite heart-loving, messy-whiskered rodent is, in true Babymouse fashion, breaking new ground. In 2014, Secret Builders have brought Babymouse to the App Store and Google Play

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 31, 2014 – Perfectly in time for Valentine’s Day, everyone’s favorite heart-loving, messy-whiskered rodent is, in true Babymouse fashion, breaking new ground. She dreams BIG and so, not satisfied with over 1.8 million award-winning graphic novels in print, being a plush doll, an ebook and even a musical, in 2014 Babymouse is an app. (Well, two apps actually, with more to come).

Read the entire press release here.

Shakespeare and Jane Austen for Kids? There’s an App for That!

SecretBuilders and Oxford University Press to “Gamify” the Classics

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) June 20, 2012 – SecretBuilders, a developer of mobile and social games for children based on literature, has partnered with Oxford University Press to “gamify” the greatest classics as mobile and social apps for kids. The SecretBuilders’ “50 Great Reads Before 15” initiative will gamify such classics as Alice in Wonderland, Macbeth, Arabian Nights, Pride & Prejudice, and Don Quixote as mobile and social games.

Read the entire press release here.

ClickN KIDS Links up with SecretBuilders to Enhance Children’s Online Educational Experiences

New Partnership Unites Renowned, Web-Based Literacy Programs with Premium Virtual Entertainment Platform

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 12, 2012 – ClickN KIDS, Inc., the leader in interactive online literacy programs for children, announced today the expansion of its online presence through a partnership with SecretBuilders, a virtual game world for children with an emphasis on exploration, creativity and historical adventure. The synergy between these two world-class providers of online children’s content with a focus on learning to read, will bring entertaining and educational lessons to more families nationwide – a rare combination within today’s assortment of virtual programs. Both geared toward young children, ClickN KIDS’ and SecretBuilders’ programs complement one another to create a unified online experience.

Read the entire press release here.

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