SecretBuilders Gamebooks: Read & Learn English


Welcome to Gamebooks by SecretBuilders, where children read and are rewarded!

For additional information about Gamebooks please download these documents.

Gamebooks includes titles from the award-winning Dominoes Graded Readers series by Oxford University Press specifically developed for reading practice and language skills development for elementary and middle school students including English language learners.

Each Gamebook is a complete eBook (with full audio narration) in which young readers unlock games and puzzles as they read the book.

The learning games interspersed with the readings are designed to improve a child’s English Language skills: reinforce a child’s understanding of the book’s plot, promote vocabulary building, and improve their reading comprehension.

As the child interacts with Gamebooks, they earn badges for completing activities and reading the entire book, and climb up various leaderboards

The included console gives parents and teachers detailed statistics on usage and learning progress for each child or student.

Learning Benefits

Increased Engagement

Gamebooks is designed to increase engagement in reading through interactive activities and an achievement ladder around the core experience of reading the book.

Learning Through Repetition

Repetition is also be achieved by using the game ladder: a child will be tasked to repeat until they get “three stars” for a level, encouraging them to listen to the same passage, reading the text again, and retaking the quizzes and challenges.

Real Time Progress Measurement

By collecting data on every action taken by a Gamebooks user, progress is measured in terms of (a) amount of reading or text engagement done and (b) improvement in spellings, word-meanings, and reading comprehension.

Implicit Testing

Each puzzle or game activity provides an implicit test of the players understanding and expertise. Unlike explicit testing (via quizzes) which children may avoid or be apprehensive of, implicit testing makes the activity the test as well.